Where does the White & Case M&A Explorer data come from?

Mergermarket provides the data, drawing on its M&A deal database. For details about how Mergermarket collects data, go to “Mergermarket M&A deal database inclusion and league table criteria.”

How often is the tool updated with new data?

The White & Case M&A Explorer is updated with new data at the beginning of each quarter. For example, data for Q1 is imported at the beginning of Q2, as soon as all Q1 data is available.

Does the tool cover every country?

Data is available for all countries. When selecting Target or Bidder locations, use the search bar to find countries not listed in the selection pop-up window.

Does the tool cover every sector?

Data is available for every sector. Sectors are grouped into 13 broad categories. Some of these categories are further broken out into subcategories, but that is not always possible—particularly when many companies in a particular sector category have multiple lines of business that cut across subcategories, such as financial services.

Can I compare activity across sectors?

Yes. The Top Sectors tab ranks sectors by value and volume, enabling comparisons by sector. But figures for selected sectors are combined (summed) in all other charts. For example, a query about global M&A activity in the “Energy, mining and utilities” and “Industrial and chemicals” sectors will show a chart with a single line for each selected Target Location that adds figures from these two sectors together.

How do I create cross-border M&A charts (i.e., charts that only show inbound or outbound M&A)?

To create inbound or outbound charts, click the “Exclude domestic deals” toggle switch. Some examples of common inbound and outbound charts include:

How do I create domestic M&A charts?

Select the same country in the Target Location and Bidder Location fields. For example:

Can I download, share and embed charts?

Yes. Icons at the top-right corner of the chart tool enable you to download, share and embed the charts you create. Downloads are available in PNG or PDF format. Sharing is enabled for email as well as social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). And an embed code is available so that you can embed any White & Case M&A Explorer chart on your website. We request that you credit the White & Case M&A Explorer when you use M&A Explorer charts and data.

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